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The First Anniversary of the Canonization of John Paul II

Homily of Cardinal Dziwisz at the Basilica of St.Peter in Rome

St. Peter's Basilica; April 27, 2015

Readings Is 52, 7-10, J 21, 15-17

Your Eminence, Reverend Cardinal!

 I'm sure that I express the feelings of all gathered in the Basilica of St. Peter, expressing our gratitude for celebrating today's Eucharist.  We are celebrating it exactly on the first anniversary of the canonization of the two Bishops of Rome,  two pastors of the universal Church - John XXIII and John Paul II.  Cardinal - as Secretary of State - for more than fourteen years was the closest collaborator of St. John Paul II, supporting Him in His service and responsibility for the Church.  That was until the end, until April 2, 2005.  I am convinced that the Holy Pope from high supports Eminence in the service of the Church. Taking this extraordinary opportunity, on behalf of the Church in Kraków and my compatriots, I would like to express my gratitude to all who contribute to the elevation of John Paul II to the glory of the altars.  In particular, I am referring to Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis as well as the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and its Prefect Cardinal Angelo Amato.  Thank You with all my heart!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, today we are giving thanks for the canonization of John Paul II.  We give thanks for this gift enriching the entire Church.  In heaven we have a great Intercessor of our personal, family and social matters.  The living memory of the holy Pope remained in our minds and hearts.  He remained – on another, even deeper way – in the life of the Church.  He accompanies us on the paths of faith, hope and love.  We do not live only memories.  We are facing new challenges in the dimension of the universal Church, as well as in the dimension of the nation and the Church in Poland.  No one will replace us in taking responsibility for personal and social life, in taking care of the poor, in establishing wise laws, in giving clear testimony to Christ and His Evangel.  Our brothers and sisters for whom the Church is not yet home, for whom Jesus is not Lord and Savior are waiting for this testimony.  If we want to remain faithful to the heritage of Saint John Paul II, we should courageously follow the path of love of God and neighbor, that is the way of holiness. This is our daily task that faces all of us. In this case, we ask in today's Eucharist at the tomb of St. Peter, St. John XXIII and St. John Paul II.  Let they together with the Mother of Christ ask at the throne of Divine Mercy for the gift of living faith, strong hope and fervent love.

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